Tornado: Farm Escape

It’s time to saddle up and get your cowboy hat on, cause weeeee’reeeeee heading to the ranches in Sunny O’ Text, in Tornado: Farm Escape – a vibrant, exciting game from popular software provider Net Entertainment.

Tornado: Farm Escape is set in the South West fields of America, and everything from the music that greets you, to the sounds every time the reels spin, is designed to put you in a feel-good, happy, summery mood. With stunning High-definition graphics, and movie-quality audio animations, Tornado: Farm Escape is popular with all types of player, especially thanks to the small minimum stake of just 15p.

The reels are colourful in design, and feature all game specific symbols – no playing card symbols here! You’ll see symbols including a funky looking pig, a jumping horse, a flying chicken, a yellow radio, a blue stall, and purple pair of Wellington boots.

It’s also worth mentioning that Tornado: Farm Escape is available to play from most mobile devices, although phone users with small screens may want to think twice, as the game board is a little on the small-side, when compared against other Net Entertainment games.

Tornado Wild Storm

Triggering at any time during the base-game, if you get awarded the Tornado Wild Storm, a small cyclone animation will appear on your screen, and begin spitting out wilds onto the reels. With a minimum of 3 wilds, and no maximum, it’s possible to get a full screen of wilds here – although realistically, you can expect to see 3-5 on the average spin.

Tornado Bonus

The main bonus-round within the game, in order to land the Tornado Bonus, you need to land a scatter symbol on both the first, and the fifth reel. Once you manage to do so, the symbol that’s in the dead centre of your screen (reel three, row two) becomes your symbol, and the reels will then continue to spin, with a Tornado collecting any instances of your symbol that land.

During these free-spins, you don’t get paid on any wins within the game – you’re solely looking for your symbol to appear – even if it’s just one – and the more symbols you collect, the higher their worth. Wild symbols also count as your symbol, and the free-spins continue until your symbol fails to land, at which point the bonus ends and you’ll return back to the regular base-game.

It’s a little strange to get your head around at first, but basically the slot’s reels just carry on spinning, and so long as your symbol drops – no matter its position, or the number of symbols that drop – you’ll keep enjoying the bonus.

Go and check out the Tornado: Farm Escape game for yourself to get a better idea for how it works, and see if you can hit either of the bonuses before you get caught in the Tornado.