Secret Code

While Secret Code isn’t officially affiliated with Dan Brown’s well-known literature (and films), including the Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, and the Lost Symbol, it’s pretty clear that Net Entertainment drew much inspiration for this new slot from the books, and you’ll see well-known characters from the series depicted on the reels, with players able to play from just £0.01 per spin, to £100.

Secret Code uses 5 reels and features 20 pay lines, and the slots designed to look as though it’s set on a piece of parchment; this in itself is a fantastic piece of design-work, and look closely, and you’ll see fine artwork printed on the parchment – a fitting aspect to this historic-themed game.

The game also draws strong similarities to Leonardo Da Vinci, with many players believing the drawings are indeed mean to represent the famous artist. While Net Entertainment haven’t mentioned this specifically in their game-description, it becomes relatively clear, once you start playing, that there is an ancient “Leonardo Downtown Abbey Vinci” feel to the game, and let’s be honest; there’s far too many similarities to be a complete coincidence.

You won’t find any boring playing-card symbols on the reels in Secret Code; instead, the low-paying symbols are a collection of archaic symbols, include a variety of rings, with the colours including Blue, Green, Purple, Green, Yellow, and Red; there’s also a sand-timer, a Book, a Magnifying Glass, a Blonde Woman, as well as a smart gentleman wearing a red, tweed jacket.

Secret Code Bonus Game

In order to trigger the first bonus-round, you’ll need to land the lock and key symbol on reels three, four, and five – it doesn’t appear on the first two reels. Do so, and you’ll be taken a separate screen, where you’ll see five Angels and Demons, as well as Five Keys. There’s also a chest, and your job is to select various keys, and drag them across to the chest; you’ll then either receive an Angel, or a Demon. If you’re awarded an Angel, you’ll win a random cash prize, while the Demon rewards nothing.

Free Spins

The free-spins round is triggered by landing 3 of the scatter symbols anywhere in view, and this allows you to enter the free spins bonus. Once you land the scatters, you’ll be given the choice to pick one of the symbols that landed; this then reveals how many free-spins you’ve won, alongside a multiplier – and get this; the multiplier ranges between 1X, and 20X, giving amazing opportunity to win.

Much like UK Bookmaker’s machine slots, after the free-spins is over, you have the ability to gamble your winnings, and you can either opt to gamble the entire lot, or part-bank half, gambling the other half. Of course, you can also just collect. You then return to the base-game, where the regular spins begin again.