When it comes to glamour and gorgeous girls, Playboy has been the go-to brand for decades. While you know the slot machine is not going to go to the levels that the magazine can go to, this is definitely a slot machine for players that love to have some naughty fun.

Playboy 800

This slot is a 5 reel game and there are 243 ways to win with the pay lines. The main focus on this game, apart from on the girls, falls on the bonus features, and there are 4 of them to look out for. More on that later.

It has to be said that Playboy is an American institution. It isn’t for everyone but there is no doubt that the company name and its branding is recognised all over the world. The game attempts to bring some of this style and culture to the world of slots and the fact that the bonus features are based upon 4 stunning ladies will not be a surprise to anyone.


Playboy ScatterWhen a player receives three or more scatter symbols at any one time, with the symbols able to appear any place on the screen, a special feature is triggered, The Playboy Club.

It is not possible to select all of the features on your first go, so you will need to play through these features sequentially. Each new feature triggers after the player hits the bonus 5 more times.


Playboy KimiThe first bonus, available after your first trigger, is Kimi; and when you meet her you receive 10 free spins and the multiplier is set at 5 times.

She will grant you 10 freespins which can be re-triggered, as well as a 5x multiplier. Thanks Kimi!


Playboy SofiaThe next bonus is Sofia who is available from the 5th time you hit the bonus trigger. Sofia provides you with 15 free spins and there is the Running Wilds feature to look out for too.

This provides the player with the chance to add a wild stack with every free spin, growing to a level of one wild per reel to a maximum level of 15 wilds on a reel.


Playboy AshleyThe next bonus is Ashley, who provides 20 free spins once you hit the bonus trigger for the 10th time. With Ashley, for every winning combination, you’ll find that the winning symbols are removed from the screen and new symbols are rolled down to take their place.

A consecutive win, and indeed all consecutive wins, increase the multiplier by a level of 5 times.


Playboy JillianThe next bonus is Jillian, who becomes available once the 15th bonus has been triggered, and she provides 25 free spins.

This bonus has the opportunity to make the entire 5 reels turn wild, which offers an interesting proposition for slots players.