Immortal Romance

Love stories featuring vampires and creatures of the night are very much the fashion at the moment, and the Immortal Romance slot provides an excellent gaming tie-in with this style of story. If you have found yourself captivated by these romantic tales of the alive and the undead coming together, this slot is likely to offer you the perfect chance to lose yourself in daydream and fantasy.

There is even an opportunity to get to know the characters better as each one has their own backstory for you to uncover.

Immortal Romance 800

This 5 reels slot with 243 pay lines provides 4 bonus features but there is no progressive jackpot to look out for. This Microgaming offering does provide a high level of variance with a considerable number of ways to strike it rich, although patience will be required.

While there have been countless vampire romance tales in recent times, it is fair to say that Twilight is the market leader in this genre. This style of story is the backdrop for this slots game and the graphics and audio element combine expertly to create a relevant and dramatic atmosphere.

Wild Desire

Immortal Romance WildThe Wild Desire feature crops up randomly during game time and the game will suddenly stop and the reels will start to spin.

At this point, scattered wilds will begin to cover the reels and there will be a minimum of 1 reel and a maximum of 5 being covered.

Chamber of Spins

Immortal Romance ScatterIf you are able to collect 3 scatter symbols, you will find that you are allowed entry to the Chamber of Spins. This part of the game provides four bonuses and if you are new to the game, you will not be able to gain access to all four of the bonuses.

When you hit 3 scatters 5 times you unlock a feature and you need to unlock the core three bonuses before the final bonus is made available.


Immortal Romance AmberThere is an Amber Bonus feature to look out for which becomes available after the first trigger from the bonus feature.

This provides the player with 10 free spins and all wins will be multiplied by five. It is also possible to re-trigger at this phase of the game.


Immortal Romance TroyAnother bonus on offer is the Troy bonus. This is available after the 5th trigger from the bonus feature and this provides players with a total of 15 free spins.

These spins come with the vampire bats feature where bats are able to appear and they can change random symbols into multipliers of 2 and 3.


Immortal Romance MichaelThere is also a Michael bonus feature, which becomes part of the game after the bonus feature is triggered for the 10th time.

Players receive 20 free spins and combinations in these free spins will see connected symbols roll and change to other symbols.


Immortal Romance SarahThe final bonus feature is the Sarah bonus feature which comes after the 15th trigger and offers 25 spins with the wild vine feature in play.

You can win a number of free spins in this feature and it reinforces the love triangle that players will readily associate with.