Major Millions

Given that some people approach playing slots with military precision, it is understandable that many would love to play a slots game that provides a military focus. The Major Millions slot is a favourite that has been around for many years, and remains one of the most popular in Microgaming’s arsenal. With a progressive jackpot on offer, this is a game that can really take you to new places.

This 5 reel, 15 pay line game uses cartoonish animations and a progressive jackpot to minimise the impact of war and military manoeuvres. There is a wild symbol and a scatter symbol to look out for but on the whole, Major Millions is a slot that keeps things simple. This is no bad thing in the modern era and the popularity of the game over time is proof of what it offers to players.

The cartoon nature of the game provides a fun visual but there is a lot of money to be made, too. In fact, the simplicity of the game is one of its strongest features, allowing players to stay in control at all times. There is an Autoplay feature provided but you might prefer to handle things yourself, like a Major advancing on the money.

With no free spin element or no gamble provision, some people will be thinking that Major Millions offers a limited gaming experience. The trick is not to focus on what is missing but to focus on what is available. There is a wide range of features to enjoy, so if you want to enjoy slots gaming at its most basic, yet progressive, best, this is the game for you.

In addition to the main 5 reel game, there is also a three reel version of Major Millions to look out for. For players that love classic slots, this is a great choice.

Explosion Scatter

The scatter symbol for the game is an explosion symbol, which is rather apt.

This symbol can make an appearance on the five reels at random and it has the ability to create a winning combination providing there is a minimum of three scatter symbols over the five reels.


The Major Millions symbol is the wild symbol and this has the ability to create winning combos by subbing in for all of the other symbols apart from the scatter.

The Major Millions symbol will also provide a multiplier of three for any win.

To claim the progressive jackpot, you need the 15th pay line to feature five different Major Millions symbols. This prize begins at $250,000 and usually averages out around $400,000.