For some people, some superheroes are too clean, too confident and far too well behaved. This is where there is scope for finding a superhero who is not quite all there, and doesn’t leave you with the same sense of boring consistency that the main ones deliver.

Hellboy has become the anti-hero of superheroes, but when it comes to someone who will always be on hand to kick some ass, Hellboy and his team are the guys to trust.

Hellboy 800

This is a 5 reel and 20 pay line slot, and a popular choice deemed to be a classic by many players. Hellboy features bonus rounds, free spins, wilds and a lot of crazy slot action.

When you consider that Hellboy was summoned to Earth by the Nazis, there was every chance that he could have ended up fighting for the wrong side in the eternal battle of good versus evil. Thankfully though, Hellboy grows up and dedicates his life to fighting against the evils in the world. Debuting as a comic strip character in 1993, Hellboy made his debut on the silver screen in 2004. The slot draws upon the initial Hellboy movie but it can be enjoyed by comic book fans, movie lovers and people who are completely new to the character as well.


Hellboy WildThe good old Wild features the games title, and will substitute for any other symbol on the reel barring the Scatter. This means more winning lines can be created for you.

What’s more, those winning lines created using the Wild will be doubled.

Stone Fist Scatter

Hellboy ScatterThere are two main bonuses to be on the lookout for when you are playing Hellboy. The first bonus comes to life when a player receives a minimum of three Stone Fist symbols. The Stone Fist symbol is the scatter symbol and picking up three of them transports the player to the Underworld.

Here you will search for Hellboy’s friends and take on the monsters that come your way. There are five different tunnels in the underworld and you need to choose one of them to explore. If you find a friend, you win all of the prizes and advance to the next. If you find a monster, you fight, you win a prize and you continue on your way. If you come across a blocked tunnel, the bonus round is over.

If you make your way through, the process can be repeated up to a total of 4 times. If you make it through to the end, you will find yourself in a cavern which contains a giant crystal. The player needs to shoot the crystal, and if you manage it you are rewarded with an ancient relic, providing an additional bonus.

Super Mode

Hellboy Super ModeThe other bonus appears randomly in the game. This is when the Super Mode kicks in and the player receives 10 spins for free.

Hellboy also comes to life and will fix three symbols in the game as wild symbols. These symbols remain wild symbols for the length of the Super Mode.