Crime Scene

No matter what your preferred TV show, there’s something about a good crime thriller that captivates even the most anti-police viewers around, and watching the investigation unravel, with detailed forensics, right to the arrest and trial of a suspect, is something most other TV shows just can’t replicate.

Crime Scene – a Video Slot from Net Entertainment – is a rendition of this, and while there are a plethora of crime-related Video Slot games to choose from, Net Entertainment have managed to design Crime Scene to stand out from all its competitors, by creating a game packed with action, excitement, and reward.

The game itself is built from five reels and 15 pay lines, and from the moment you first open up the game, you’ll be greeted with a dark, mysterious, creepy-looking… yep, you guessed it – Crime Scene.

The reels contain both traditional playing card symbols, including 10, J (Jack), Q (Queen), K (King), and A (Ace), as well as game-specific icons, which include a Gun, a Metal Briefcase, UV Glasses, and a Footprint.

There’s also a scatter symbol, which takes the form of a fingerprint, and a Wild Symbol, which is a Police Badge.

Sticky Wilds

The wild symbol can be found in both the base-game and free-spins, and when landed, it locks in place (as a sticky wild), for anywhere between one, and five spins. If, on each subsequent spin, you manage to land another wild, you’ll enjoy another re-spin, and this continues up to a maximum of five times (hence the cap of five wild symbols stuck in place).

While it’s rare to hit all five wilds, the sticky wilds feature is a nice base-game bonus, and allows you to enjoy gameplay, even during those long periods when free-spins don’t land.

Crime Scene Bonus

When you land three of the scatter symbols anywhere in view during the main base-game, you’ll enter the bonus-round, and here, you’ll be taken to a separate screen (which mimics you looking at a computer screen). On the computer screen within your screen (sounds confusing yes, but it’s not), you’ll see 30 different Police Files; you simply pick these files, revealing certain prizes and symbols, detailed below:

Cash Prizes: Pick a folder that uncovers an evidence symbol, and you’ll be rewarded with a random cash prize. Each subsequent cash-pick increases in value (i.e. will always be larger than the previous pick.)

Red Cross: The first time you uncover a Red Cross, you’ll be presented with four envelopes; from these four envelopes, you’ll be able to win either extra coins, a 2X multiplier on your current winnings, or simply a “continue”, so you can carry on the bonus-round. Any subsequent pics of the Red Cross will give you the same options, with the addition of a “End” envelope, which when picked adds to your tally of Red Crosses; two in total ends the bonus-round.

V Badge: If you uncover a badge symbol that displays the letter V you’ll have a “Get Out of Jail Free” card, which cancels-out the next Red Cross you receive.

X Badge: If you uncover a badge that shows the letter X, one of your Red Cross’ will be removed.