Big Bang

Big Bang is a popular Net Entertainment Video Slot, that simply loads up, echoes a tremendous BANG through your speakers, and then closes again; OK, just kidding – but the game does pack a range of fast-paced, action-packed features and gameplay components, to make your playing experience as dynamic and exciting as possible.

Playable from just 25p per spin (and capped at a maximum of £20 – a lot less than most Net Entertainment title), Big Bang holds many similarities to Net Entertainment’s signature title, Starburst, both in terms of the graphics, as well as the gameplay and style of the slot.

The game’s available to players on all types of devices, and this includes those using desktop computers and laptops, as well as players using smart phones and tablets. While the majority of devices will be able to load, and run Big Bang, it’s always worth checking with your chosen online casino first; generally, if your device can play YouTube videos, you’ll be able to play Net Entertainment’s games, but always double check first.

Progressive Multiplier Feature

On the left-hand-side of the game screen, you’ll see a large metre, that lists various values, between 2, and 32. This is the progressive multiplier bar, and all spins will begin with the metre starting at a notch below 2. Whenever you manage to make a win, this notch will move up one position, so, on your first win, you’d be paid out at 1X, accordingly – the metre however, would then rise to 2X, and on the next spin, you’d enjoy a 2X multiplier on your win.

This continues each time you have a win (although it’s worth noting these are not free-spins, but instead, staked spins), and the multiplier can increase all the way up to 32X, allowing you to make monstrous wins, if you’re lucky enough to reach those upper multipliers.

Once you have a losing spin, the multiplier bar drops back to the bottom, and you’ll start again. The different multipliers available are; 2X, 4X, 6X, 8X, 16X, and 32X. Interestingly, to make the 32X multiplier, you only need 6 wins in a row, and while that doesn’t appear overly hard to accomplish, as the base-game wins generally aren’t great, until you’re at the 6X + stage of the multiplier, you’ll still need to hit a decent pay line in order to secure a decent payout.

Despite the fact there’s no bonus-round or free-spins, the progressive multiplier is a cool feature, and it can allow you to win sizeable amounts of money; think about a fairly average £5 win, of a £1 stake – hit the 32X multiplier, and that £5 win turns into a whopping £160… so it’s easy to see where the potential is in this game!